Science Fair 2023
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Science Fair 2023

GAD students from grades 3-9 were busy preparing for their Science Fair projects for a few months. They were using their observations to predict the outcomes of their question. They planned systematic strategies to find out answers in a scientific manner. They utilized a robust approach and probed different areas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) to come to an analytical conclusion for their projects. Teachers have helped steer and guide the students to maintain the focus on their question or problem. At the same time, the data collection strategies have been explored and implemented to ensure that the results are reliable and authentic. It was a wonderful experience to hear the students talk about their projects, their learning and innovative
ideas that they used. The following students excelled in their Grade levels to achieve the top positions.

The following finalists will be participating in the Regional Science Fair:

Grade 7

  1. Carbon Sequestration – Mannat Verma
  2. Should seatbelts be mandatory in school buses? Anhad Hundal
  3. Hydraulic Robotic Arm- Gurleen Kaur and Hasrut Kaur Dhillon
  4. What effect do clothing dyes have on the environment? Neelum Grewal

Grade 8

  1. Things you might have missed about Caffeine- Jannat Bassra & Gurleen Benipal
  2. Water everywhere, nothing to drink! – Jeson S. Gill & Jaanveer S. Kang
  3. Surf’s Up! Coastal Engineering -Bipanjot K. Maan
    Grade 9
  4. Air-foils – Hiya Sharma

Grade 9


  1. Air-foils – Hiya Sharma
  2. Hop on to the hyperloop- Maihr Kalsi
  3. Ready, Set, Grow- Tajnoor S. Aujla, Garanveer S. Sidhu
  4. The best music 4 Animal- Ishaan S. Aujla
  5. It is not just a headache. It is a concussion!- Gursukhmani K. Basra

Science Fair 2023