About G.A.D. School

Arts and Athletics

The Arts

At G.A.D., the Arts are an integral part of everything we do and learn. From STEAM workshops and activities to community outreach, art is an important method of communicating and  representing learning while developing the self. In our PK-3, students develop their basic skills with colour, measurement and manipulation of media to represent learning. In grades 4-9, students are exposed to many forms of art and technique, to expand their knowledge of art and art practice. We also make connections to First Peoples practices as well as the history of art and art within our community and culture.



Our Athletics department has slowly started to expand since the pandemic closure in 2020. Thanks to our students and the Parent Support Group (PSG), we now have our school mascot, the Falcon, who represents our determined and strong school spirit. The falcon is a reminder to look ahead and focus on the future; to not let your past experiences hold you back and use them as stepping stones to success.The falcon also represents wisdom, so it’s a sign to trust your intuition and make decisions wisely. We are Falcons, strong, determined and agile. Our current sports’ teams are: basketball, soccer and volleyball.