About G.A.D. School

Academics/Religion programs

Academics Program

What do we offer?


At G.A.D. Elementary we offer an innovative curriculum in alignment with B.C. education curricular standards. Your child will be taught using the most up-to-date modes of delivery in all subjects, such as inquiry and project-based learning. We focus on the holistic approach, which focuses on the education of the whole child. We believe that social and emotional development is as important as academic development and contributes to the overall success of a child. We continue to help our students develop a sense of independence, agency and self-advocacy. We also believe in building global citizens who have the courage to act on what they believe and to take leadership roles so they can make a difference in the community as well as the world around them. We create opportunities to expand learning and success through STEM/STEAM activities, external competitions, such as Mathleague and regional learning fairs (Science and Heritage Fair) as well as continued connection through community outreach initiatives and our school garden/outdoor education programs. 


Religious Program

Our Religious Program gives students the opportunity to connect to their culture and traditions through religious studies (Sikhi/Paath), the learning of traditional music, such as Kirtan and Tabla as well as learning how to read, write and speak Punjabi. Students are provided with many opportunities to perform what they have learned through religious assemblies and events, such as Gurpurab and Gurmat Camp. We also offer Bhangra as part of our Physical Education program, whereas Giddha, Gatka/Archery, and Dilruba are an integral part of our extra-curricular/after school program.