PSG Newsletter

President – Mrs. Ravinder Dhaliwal

I am a graduate of Simon Fraser University and majored in Sociology and Anthropology. I subsequently attended the University of Victoria and obtained my Bachelor of Social Work Degree. I have been working as a Social Worker in Surrey for the last 15 years.
My daughter started GAD this year and is truly enjoying the experience. I am a new member of the PSG and I look forward to meeting other parents who share the common values that brought us to Guru Angad Dev Elementary.  I hope we can all work together to further our children's potential academically, socially and help them grow to become contributing members of society. 

Vice-President – Mrs. Kaljit Samra

I attended Simon Fraser University where I majored in Mathematics. I earned a Bachelors of Science degree and Masters in Education. I have been a high school math teacher for 15 years. I have 2 children attending GAD school for the first time this year. I am a new member of the PSG. I am hoping to meet many other parents who are passionate about education and feel important to be a part of their children’s social, emotional and academic well-being

Secretary – Mrs. Harj Pathal

Also a previous member, Harj is a devoted mother of two who strongly believes that as parents we need to lead by example. Currently working as an ABA Support worker, she is innovative, passionate and committed to providing GAD students with fun activities and events that will be a part of their cherished school memories.

Treasurer - Gurpreet Dhillon

I came to Canada in 2005.I worked in banking industry for 7 years and upgraded my studies while working. I finished my CPA designation in 2014.I am a Certified Public Accountant now and have around 5 year of experience in Accounting. At present, I am working with Wireless world solutions as a Senior Account Manager.
I am a mother of two beautiful children. My son is in Grade 6 and daughter is in Grade 2. Both of my kids have joined GAD this year. I am also a new member of PSG group and looking forward to be actively involved in the children educational and overall personality development. I feel that our group efforts will produce effective and desired results. By working together, we can make Achieving Excellence a reality. We can give all of our children the opportunity to reach their potential. We can support their success inside and outside of the classroom.  Glad to be a part of PSG. 

Executive Member – Mr. Dawinder Chahal

I'm a post graduate in IT and holder of Bachelor's Degree in Education. I worked in teaching line for 5 yrs. I love teaching, interacting with kids and doing social work. Being a Father to 2 children, my priorities changed and I want to actively participate in all activities pertaining to my children’s school. I'm currently working as a Realtor and a Mortgage Broker. This is my second year of being member of PSG. I hope to assist in contributing my efforts for better future for our kids.

Executive Member – Parm Malhi

Mrs. Malhi has been working for the Healthcare Pharmaceutical Industry for over 10 years. Working part time now Mrs. Malhi grew up belonging to a very healthy and safe community that provided life experiences required for a successful life. Being a loving mother to two beautiful children, she feels and recognizes the joy of giving back to the school community the same values and beliefs that she grew up with. She strongly believes that building a strong foundation in our kids while they are young is the key to their success tomorrow. Being a member of PSG will able her to contribute in so many ways that will assist in the development of our kids.