Gatka, Sikh martial arts, is an excellent opportunity to nurture your child’s athleticism and build confidence.  

This club is designed to help those students who need more assistance to complete their homework.  The club also offers extra help to those students who need more practice with concepts learned in the classroom.  

Students will express themselves through art and explore different techniques of creating through various forms of media.

Learn the grace, elegance and resilience of the Punjabi women through this energetic traditional dance.

Practice floor hockey skills and play games in a safe and fun, no body checking environment. Learn how to pass, take wrist shots and slap shots, or practice your reflexes as a goalie.

In this club students will learn different techniques of art by using different materials.

Students will be introduced to computer coding using the program Scratch.

Gatka, Sikh martial arts, is an excellent opportunity to nurture your child’s athleticism and build confidence.  

The primary reading club will consist of 15 students from Grade 1-3. In this club, students will focus on leveled reading, listen to stories, learn sight words, Reading comprehension and writing simple sentences. The goal of this club is to allow students to become more confident and motivated independent readers, to get students reading for pleasure, and to obtain teacher guidance in a small group setting to improve their reading skills.

Children will be encouraged to express themselves, emphasizing creativity and experimentation through age-appropriate projects, themes and skills. A variety of materials and techniques will be explored, including watercolor, tempera, pastels, charcoal, mixed media, clay and printmaking.

The club is designed for students to work on their debating skills in a structured forum. One on one games and group debates help to foster stronger speech making skills and independent thinking.

Students will learn and practice the basics of Indian classical music and compositions in ragas with the dilruba, as well as, incorporating the dilruba with shabad keertan.

Students will learn and practice the basics of tabla along with extra practice for those who would like to go beyond what they learned in their classes.

The club will start off with dance workout or aerobics routines continuing into a variety of dance styles.

Students will experience how breathing techniques and meditation can improve their physical, mental and emotional health.

They will learn practical ways to:

  • Develop deeper self confidence
  • Improve performance
  • Get along with themselves and others
  • Decrease stress
  • Make healthy choices

Students will learn and practice their badminton skills. In preparation for the competitive junior independent school league play in the spring.

Students will be introduced to basic French phrases and greetings through songs and rhymes.

Mr. Alonso Campos, President of the “British Columbia Chess Federation” and Senior Chess Champion of BC for 2013-2015 will continue to coach our students during lunch break on Thursdays from September 22nd – December 8th.

This is an introduction to basketball for the primary grades. This club hopes to develop and foster an interest in Basketball.

Math club is a fun and competitive activity that any student can participate in. It is a great way for students to develop intuitive thinking skills and learn new types of math. Students will not only learn new material, but will apply their previous knowledge from school to fun and challenging problems.

An introduction to Sikh leaders and figures throughout history.